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Bilingual·Foreign Business|走向西

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Bilingual·ForeignBusiness|走向西非 2018-04-1320:07来源:经济日报银行/运营 原标题:Bilingual·ForeignBusiness|走向西非大家好!“外企头条”栏目又跟大家见面了,今天的主要内容有:环保丨苏伊士新创建把危废管理经验带到中国SUEZN

Bilingual·Foreign Business|走向西非

2018-04-13 20:07来源:经济日报银行/运营

原标题:Bilingual·Foreign Business|走向西非



SUEZ NWS Brings Its Managerial Expertise on Hazardous Waste to China


Standard Bank links Africans to each other and the world


Clariant to capture the growth opportunities in China


The LEGO Group Announced a New Flagship Store In China



SUEZ NWS Brings Its Managerial Expertise on Hazardous Waste to China


SUEZ NWS entered into a Commonweal Cooperative Agreement with the Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center, which is under China's Ministry of Ecological Environment (MEE).


This initiative, which builds on a pre-existing partnership since 2014, aims to provide a full suite of operational and managerial expertise for government officials managing hazardous waste disposal facilities and share SUEZ’s best practices globally to inform China’s efforts to clean up and beautify the ecological environment.


Under the Agreement, SUEZ NWS will use the infrastructure of its hazardous waste incineration plants in China as the seminar platform, fully leverage its experience and know-how in the field of hazardous waste disposal and engage the right professionals in thoughtful discussion.


In addition, the parties will organize technology information exchange meeting to compare notes on the technology and management of hazardous waste disposal facilities and to discuss improvements and new cooperation projects.


“We are very honored to work further with the Ministry of Ecological Environment. We saw the strong determination of the government to improve the ecological environment. said Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia.


Improved environmental governance and the tightening of regulation and enforcement gave our Group renewed confidence in China in our future.


I hope through this joint program, we could take SUEZ’s proven solutions on hazardous waste and our best practices from around the world to China to assist the Chinese government in addressing the current environmental challenges and meet its people’s ever-growing needs for a beautiful eco-environment.”


SUEZ Group, the stakeholder of SUEZ NWS, is one of the world’s largest environmental firms with strong expertise in water and waste. It currently manages more than 60 waste-to-energy projects around the world.


On the mainland, SUEZ NWS owns Asia’s largest hazardous waste incinerator at Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. Its third hazardous waste disposal line with a total investment of RMB 350 million started operation in March 2017 with an annual treatment capacity of 120,000 tons.


Standard Bank links Africans to each other and the world


In a further step to cementing its presence in the Francophone West Africa region, Africa’s largest bank, Standard Bank has opened a fully licensed bank focussing on the needs of Corporate and Investment banking clients in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.


Standard Bank Group, now in 20 African markets which include Nigeria and Ghana in West Africa, will operate as Stanbic Bank in Côte d’Ivoire, and will serve multi-national companies,


many of whom already have a relationship with the Group in other parts of the continent or internationally.


Standard Bank began scoping the market of Côte d’Ivoire in 2013, and a representative office was opened by a small core team in early 2014. Standard Bank was awarded a banking license in 2016.


Côte d’Ivoire is one of the region’s fastest-growing economies, with annual GDP growth of 8%, a rate that is expected to be maintained over the next three to five years.


The key drivers behind the country’s well-diversified economic growth are public investment led initiatives in power and infrastructure in conjunction with successful public-private partnerships, natural resources (oil, gas and mining), agriculture, telecommunications, and the country’s consumer market – all linked to core sectors of activity for Standard Bank.


The West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU), of which Côte d’Ivoire is a member, also offers Standard Bank substantial business advantages stemming from its stable single currency pegged to the Euro, shared central bank and stock exchange, as well as its harmonised business legal structures.


The country is ideally positioned as a hub for the region which also includes Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo.


Standard Bank’s Africa business has tripled its revenue contribution to overall Group income – up to over R26bn in 2017 from R10bn in 2010.


The Bank has played a significant role in infrastructural development on the continent, facilitating access to global capital for clients, deepening domestic and regional capital markets and driving growth.


Standard Bank recently announced the completion of its core banking and IT infrastructure upgrade across all 20 of its Africa markets.


Its unique on-the-ground presence and physical infrastructure, in addition to being digitally enabled, links Africans to each other and the world.


Clariant to capture the growth opportunities in China


Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, announced that the company is making good progress with the implementation of its dedicated China strategy.


After announcing this strategy in 2016, a continued commitment to innovation and sustainability combined with improvements in governance, increased production capacity and more local cooperation.


These regional growth initiatives have the potential to double sales from the 2015 baseline until 2021.


At a time where the Chinese industry continues to upgrade to higher value and more technology-driven solutions and prioritizes environmentally-compatible chemical solutions, Clariant is well positioned to capture these growth opportunities.


“2017 was a successful year for Clariant in China, with 13 % sales growth and an increase in profitability.said Christian Kohlpaintner, Clariant’s Executive Committee Member responsible for and based in China.


We are convinced that with our holistic growth initiative we are able to double our sales from the 2015 baseline until 2021 by continuing this successful shift towards adapting ourselves to the Chinese market and business mindset.


Since China is fundamental to Clariant’s overall growth strategy, the company acted on various fronts in order to improve its position in this vital market.


Its continued commitment to innovation and sustainability has made the company one of the industry leaders in these areas.


Capacity expansions, such as the two additional Chinese production facilities for the Additives business unit announced in 2017, enable the company to meet this growing local demand and improve proximity to customers as well as raw material suppliers.


This proximity is stimulated further by setting up new joint ventures, partnerships and other forms of cooperation with local Chinese companies and research institutions.


Over the past year, Clariant established a joint venture with Tiangang Auxiliary to serve the growing need of process and light stabilizers made in China, signed a major cooperation agreement with China's largest petroleum and chemical company SINOPEC,


and continued the momentum of local collaborative innovation with the Chinese academic sector by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOE) with Shanghai University.


Finally, a new regional governance model built on Chinese top managers with profit and loss responsibilities greatly improved strategic dialog and alignment.


These benefits will be further leveraged within the One Clariant Campus, an integrated regional headquarters and innovation facility being built in Shanghai and scheduled to be completed by 2020.


The LEGO Group Announced a New Flagship Store In China


The LEGO Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of play materials, announced the beginning of construction of a new flagship store in Shanghai.


Scheduled to open this Autumn, it will be the group’s second flagship store in China providing a fun new landmark for both local families and LEGOenthusiasts from around the world.


The new flagship store will feature a unique LEGO personalisation experience - the first of its kind in China - allowing guests of all ages to interact with LEGO bricks in creative and innovative ways.

该品牌旗舰店预计将为上海市黄浦区创造约45个就业岗位, 并将于2018年4月份开始对社会开放招聘。

The new store is expected to create approximately 45 permanent jobs in Shanghai’s Huangpu District. Recruitment will begin in April 2018.

乐高集团中国区总经理Jacob Kragh表示:“在中国开设第二家乐高品牌旗舰店,再次印证了我们深耕中国市场的承诺,以及致力于为中国消费者带来充满创意的乐高玩乐体验的决心。

“Opening our second flagship store in China reconfirms our long-term commitment to the country and our dedication to bring creative LEGO play experiences to Chinese consumers.said Jacob Kragh, General Manager of LEGO China.


It will also bring more opportunities for Chinese children, parents and LEGO fans of all ages to enjoy high-quality engagement with the LEGO brand, while at the same time creating friendly and inspiring environment even for those who are taking their first steps in creative building.”


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